Rinda Updike describes herself as a “church history nerd”. She was one of the first young sister missionaries called to serve at the Hill Cumorah Historical Sites. While there she compiled the early church history study curriculum for the site sisters. As a student, she spent two years working in the Church History Department at BYU. Rinda has taught early morning and release time seminary in Sacramento, Provo, Spanish Fork, Springville, Chandler and Mesa. She also had the privilege to teach a Church History course at ASU Institute of Religion for a semester. Legacy of Faith Tours has been 20 years in the making; during which Rinda has created many church history tour experiences for friends and family; Rinda also did an apprenticeship run with a Las Vegas Church History tour organization that has been running an incredible for 30 years. Rinda is very grateful and excited to help people experience the Church historical sites that have meant so much to her.