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“The Legacy of Faith tour is an amazing trip. Every detail was taken care of and we just sat back and enjoyed the journey through church history with an amazing guide. Rinda Updike did a great job arranging a comprehensive trip that included every church history site from Palmyra to Liberty Jail. She was a fantastic, knowledgeable guide that enthusiastically created memorable moments at each high-light on the trip. The Legacy of Faith tour is a wonderful investment in a family memory.”

Five-Star Rated Testimonial By Jacquelyn Lowell

Jacquelyn Lowell

“This “Legacy of Faith” tour was fantastic. Our tour guide, Rinda has a bubbly, happy, always positive attitude and the knowledge that she has about Joseph Smith, the other Saints and the history of each area is amazing. We were captivated with every detail. This whole tour was organized by the tour company. They scheduled our flights, made all of the hotel reservations, provided the transportation, and scheduled our appointments to attend the Palmyra and Nauvoo Temples. We were able to visit many sacred sites and we could feel what the Pioneers must have felt living in the early beginnings of the Church through our guide’s knowledge. Our driver was great, we never worried about our safety & we loved his quick-minded humor. Never a dull moment. The other wonderful thing we loved about this tour- – – We live in Arizona and it was great to start and end our tour in Arizona. Our testimonies have grown tremendously with this tour. We highly recommend this tour. You will love it and you will love Rinda.”

Five-Star Rated Testimonial By Kevin And Nancy Dandoy

Kevin & Nancy Dandoy

“Over the years I’ve been to a few church history sites, yet I have always wanted to take a more extensive tour that included more of them. That became a reality with Legacy of Faith Tours. I did not have to worry about a thing- all of the logistics were taken care of for me – and I was able to sit back and enjoy an amazing trip from Harmony, PA at the Priesthood Restoration site all the way to Liberty Jail. I learned so much from our knowledgeable guide, Rinda Updike, and enjoyed how she led with enthusiasm and passion. This is a trip that I highly recommend and will always remember.

Five-Star Rated Testimonial By Janet McKinney

Janet McKinney

“As well as an amazing trip, the spiritual experience on this tour was overwhelming. The information imparted during the trip was special and delivered with knowledge of the material presented. The whole experience was fantastic!”

Five-Star Rated Testimonial By Terri Andrus

Terri Andrus

“We enjoyed touring with Legacy of Faith Tours very much! Rinda is very knowledgeable with church history and shared with us her love for each and every site we visited! We learned so much more about those early saints and their sacrifice. Rinda is kind hearted and a delight to be around. We are blessed to now call her and all who joined on the 2021 tour, friend.”

Five-Star Rated Testimonial By Don And Debbie Crandell

Don & Debbie Crandell

“I loved the church history our leader gave at each of the sites. I plan on going again.”

Five-Star Rated Testimonial By Peggy Ricks

Peggy Ricks

“Thank you for sharing your passion about Church History & letting us tag along. We learned much & felt more.”

Five-Star Rated Testimonial By Glen And Edell Washburn

Glen & Edell Washburn

“I’ve always wanted to go on a church history trip, but didn’t know how to pull one together.  Rinda Updike volunteered to fulfill my dream and she did a great job.  She planned a trip that included everything.  As we traveled to each church site she would explain the background and the importance of it with such a love and passion that it was catching.   I just sat back and let Rinda take me through church history.  I highly recommend the Legacy of Faith tour.”

Five-Star Rated Testimonial By Claudia Lowell

Claudia Lowell

“I had the incredible experience! We had an amazing time! If you have the chance to go this summer with her at Legacy of Faith Tours you will love it!!!”

Five-Star Rated Testimonial By Tammy King

Tammy King

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